Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Review and Buying Guide

Definitely, this time Samsung has done its homework, and thoroughly. Its new foldable device, in fact, solves practically all the problems that the first version had, which was

released a year ago somewhat hastily. The new Galaxy Z Fold 2, on the contrary, has a more robust, solid air, but above all, it can be used as a “normal” mobile thanks to its fully functional external screen, without having to unfold it.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

In general, the tests carried out by ABC have been satisfactory, although it is not a terminal “for all the public”. It is still, in fact, a device for minorities. Both its

But let’s see. With a weight of 282 grams, it has dimensions, when folded, of 159.2 x 68 x 16.8-13.8 millimeters. It is, therefore, a thick and heavy mobile, but its narrow external 6.2-inch Super AMOLED screen (with a resolution of 2,260 x 816 pixels) still allows it to be held and manipulated with one hand.

Data sheet

screen- 6.2 inches (closed), 7.6 open

Resolution- 2,260 x 816 pixels (closed) and 2,208 x 1,766 pixels (open).

Chip- Snapdragon 865+

RAM- 12 GB

SW- Android

Open, things change. The dimensions become 159.2 millimeters high by 128.2 wide. In terms of thickness, it varies between 6 millimeters at the edges and 6.9 millimeters in the central part, thicker to fit the hinge. In any case, we will need both hands to handle the

large 7.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2x Infinity Flex square screen (2,208 x 1,766 pixels). You can choose between 60 and 120 Hz for the refresh rate. In the second case,

the movements will be much more fluid in videos and games, but you pay a price in terms of battery life.

The finish, this time, is full of details that favor both aesthetics and functionality: a more elegant design, a more integrated and less visible hinge system, matte edges. .. and a single hole for the selfie camera (it has another one on the front screen) instead of the bulky notch with double camera of the previous version. It is greatly appreciated that the external screen is fully functional, which means that we can use the mobile in the

usual way and without having to open it for everything, as was the case with the original Z Fold.

 It is inevitable that dust and dirt particles will “creep” inside even when the phone is folded, especially in the crease strip of the screen, so that when you open it, it often

requires cleaning. In short, it is a robust looking terminal, well built and well thought out, and it does not give the feeling of being a “half-finished” device, as was the case with the first version.

 Being a folding phone, you can see the fold in the center of the screen (even to the touch) when we work with the terminal open. But it is something that ends up not

disturbing, since in the most common viewing angles the “wrinkle” is hardly noticeable. The ratio of the large internal screen is 88.6% of the area. In other words, the edges are very narrow and the contents of the apps adapted to the 4: 3 format

fill the entire screen, leaving more room to work with two or even three open applications at the same time. The downside, and this is inevitable in a square format, is that when viewing videos or movies (many of which will be in 16: 9 format) we will always have to deal with two large black bands above and below the content.

 The same is true for applications that are not yet adapted to the format. And while it is true that Samsung has made a great effort in this regard, there are many “apps” (such as Instagram) that still do not take advantage of the entire screen and therefore offer an incomplete user experience and even annoying. Multitasking, the strong point

What we can, of course, take mobile multitasking to another level. L to Samsung alliance with Microsoft allows, for example, we can use Office as if we were on a computer. As said, the Z Fold 2 allows up to three different applications to be open and in the foreground. We can, for example, write an email at the same time that we consult a report in Excel and we have the photo gallery open. 

When writing, we can also bend the screen at a 90-degree angle, as if it were a

computer. The keyboard will appear in the lower half, while the message will be in the upper half. When you reopen it completely, all the “apps” with which we were working will appear again. It should be noted that the device allows selective screen captures. In

In addition to the three “apps” in the foreground, we can also have up to 5 more applications open in floating window mode. In the tests carried out, it was easy to go from one to the other, although the normal thing is not to have more than two, or three at most, open at the same time on a mobile. The greatest virtue of the device is, without a doubt, its impressive multitasking capacity. It is a device with excellent features and designed especially for work.

Flawless performance

As for performance, nothing to say. The terminal incorporates the latest high-end processor from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 865+, a chip with a 5G modem that can literally do everything. We will not even realize (although the battery does) that we are working as if nothing with several applications at the same time. It is accompanied by a generous 12 GB RAM.  The storage space is 256 GB.

Better photography than video

In terms of photography, this second generation of the Z Fold incorporates one less camera than the previous one. Which does not mean that we are going to get worse photos. Quite the contrary, especially when it comes to “selfies.”

In total, we have five cameras: a triple rear camera plus two front cameras, one on the cover (with the phone closed), and the other on the large internal screen. The rear lens

configuration is the usual Samsung: three 12-megapixel sensors (an Ultra wide- angle with F2.2 aperture, a wide-angle with F1.8 double-size pixels and a Telephoto with x2 and F2 optical zoom. 4). The two front cameras are identical: 10-megapixel

sensors and F2.2.

Due to the fact that the Fold 2 can be folded, the terminal nevertheless presents a unique advantage when it comes to taking selfies: we can take them using the triple rear camera. For this, we will only have to activate an option that will allow us to take

a selfie not only with the main camera but also with the wide-angle or telephoto. This allows, for the first time on a mobile phone, to take selfies with all the quality and effects of the main cameras, including night mode or high-quality videos.

 Regarding video, the terminal does not allow, like other competitors, to record in 8K

. And it must be said that in the tests carried out by ABC the quality was not very good when recording night videos. In broad daylight, however, the quality is excellent, despite the “super stabilizer” forcing us to shoot at 1,080p.

A battery that resists

With its 4,500 milliamps, divided into two different batteries (one of 2,155 milliamps and another of 2,345) the Z Fold 2 withstands bypassing the plug much more than you would expect, given its multiple displays. In the previous mole, the external screen, too

small, was only used to take a quick look at the notifications, but now we are facing a fully functional screen with which we can work with all the functions of the phone. And that, added to the large internal screen, could translate into a reduction in battery time.

 In the tests carried out, using the two screens for different tasks at will, we achieved a full day of “normal” use. In other words, without going overboard with videos or multitasking. Intensive use, however, will make it difficult for us to get to the night without having to go through the charger. Of course, if we have the 120 Hz refresh rate activated on the

internal screen, the battery time is drastically reduced. The fast-charging system, however, manages to restore 50% of the battery in about 40 minutes. A full charge will take us just over an hour and a half.

In short, this is a vastly improved version over last year, with a flawless finish and a solid, robust look. The photographic and video quality is more than acceptable, although in poor lighting conditions the recordings lose quality. The possibility of taking selfies with the main cameras stands out.

 For multitasking, however, it is the best mobile of the moment, only surpassed by a tablet or a computer. The screen quality is excellent and the only problem is that, due to the format, many videos and applications do not fill it, leaving black bars at the top and bottom.

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