Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Samsung has thrown all the meat on the spit with its latest flagship as far as high-end is

concerned. With a processor of the most powerful on the market, cameras without limits, a screen of vertigo, and autonomy that meets expectations, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G promised a lot on paper. In 20Bits we have tested it and these are our impressions.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Premium exterior design

The new smartphone of the Note family changes a bit in its exterior design compared to the previous model.

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In the first place, the back is now matte, giving the device that elegance plus that it

seems that this type of finish provides, which also in the case of the Samsung  Galaxy Note 2  0 Ultra  5G is functional as well as beautiful, since it does not slip and is anti-fingerprint and, in general, anti-dirt. The use of a matte finish is a trend that has become very popular in recent times among high-end mobiles.

One more detail for the back that is also a novelty: being the Ultra model, it is made of glass, with metal frames. This combination together with the matte and the captivating pink or Mystic Bronze color – which we have tested in 20Bits – results in a phone that feels elegant and premium from the first glance.

Also, the physical buttons go from being on the left side to being on the right, so the S Pen also changes its location, and now we will find it on the left side of the lower edge. However, this change does not affect the user experience at all and, in any

case, if you come from a previous Note you will simply have to get used to it – something that does not cost much. Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: a spectacular sound with the shadow in a way that is not for all ears

The last change we see on the outside may be one of the great ‘buts’ of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: the module in which the rear cameras are integrated and the way it is designed, protruding quite a bit from the surface. To begin with, when using it it makes you feel a certain qualm about being able to break it when being so exposed and, also, when you leave the d that makes you fear a little for its well-being.

What it does maintain is the style in the curves and those ‘infinite’ frames that also help it to appear lighter, although, in reality, it is a fairly robust smartphone – it exceeds 8 millimeters thick and 200 grams in weight, although not feels heavy -.

When it comes to handling it, it is just as comfortable -or uncomfortable, depending on the hand of the person holding it- as any other phone of this size, with the plus of curves that make it more ergonomic than the straight edges.

The notch-free front end look with the camera embedded in the middle in a small hole is also kept from the previous generation.

Infinite screen

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With a 6.9-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen, WQHD + resolution 3,088 x 1,440 pixels, density 496 dpi and refresh rate of 120 Hz, if this giant can boast of anything, it is to be one of the best in this field.

A note regarding the refresh rate: as the brand has already done in other of its models, the 120 Hz will be maintained ‘as long as the device asks for it’, that is, it will use it to play video games, for example, but not if we are looking at static things.

In general, the sharpness, contrast, and resolution are more than good and all the content is displayed very well.

As for the design of the screen, as we said, its curves and its use of practically all the glass really make it look like an infinite screen, with more than 90% of the screen percentage occupying the front.

The truth is that, in a nutshell, the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G is a real joy.

Butt cameras

As we can expect from a high-end phone, cameras are a pleasure to behold. With four sensors on the rear, its main camera is 108 MP and it’s quite impressive. The rest is a wide-angle 12 MP a telephoto 12 MP and depth sensor laser AF. As for the front camera, it is a 10 MP sensor more than optimal for your selfies.

In addition to the ‘numerical’, the cameras of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra stand out for their double stabilization and their optical zoom -a powerful 50x, although it does not reach 100x like the S20 Ultra-. Night mode is another of the stars of this smartphone.

For its part, the video is just as great, with 8K recording and even 4K with the selfie camera.

The camera application allows us to do endless things, from improving the photo before taking it – editing ourselves or the landscape – to using different modes such as portrait

mode – dynamic focus -, night mode, or a special mode for photography. Also, we have the ‘AR Zone’ of augmented reality that allows us to play a lot and that will surely amuse the little ones, being able to create your own avatar.

The camera uses artificial intelligence for various aspects, for example, to detect whether you are alone or with someone in a selfie-and to zoom in so that you can all fit.

In general we can say that the photographs are quite spectacular and that it certainly meets the expectations as the brand’s flagship. We put a very good note on this aspect.

A beast inside

That this device is one of the older brothers of the Samsung  Galaxy Note family shows a lot when we talk about its power, performance, and processor capacity. It comes with the Exynos 990 and therefore performs as much as can be expected from this powerful chip. If you add to this 12 GB of RAM, the result is a hard beast to beat.

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In this section it is also worth mentioning its autonomy: with its 4,500 mAh battery of course you can spend the whole day without having to worry about the charger and easily -with medium-high use- you can spend a few hours the next day. But, also, if you have to refuel the charger included in the box -25 W- it can give us a full charge in just over an hour. It has 15W wireless charging and 4.5W reverse charging.

It has 256 GB of storage – 512 GB soon – with the option to expand it with MicroSD and it has facial unlocking and fingerprint – the latter essential in these times of walking with your face covered. Other relevant data are its 5G connectivity and that it has Android 10 + One UI 

The S Pen: a little luxury

Since I had not tried a phone with this type of accessory before, my experience has

been very positive. The possibilities offered by the S Pen are so many that I don’t even think I have gotten enough out of it. C   at S62 Pro: the perfect ultra-resistant phone to survive almost anything … even this 2020

It has its own menu of utilities that opens automatically when the pointer is removed. You can use it for things that can come to mind quickly, such as taking notes

by hand, signing, drawing -also on photos-, but also to operate the device itself with aerial gestures that, if you are using a compatible app, will also open a small user guide, which comes in handy to make them.

There are five basic aerial gestures that we can assign to navigation actions or the opening of apps and other actions. In general, they go very well and, as we say, it takes little to get used to and get used to this little luxury, which responds as well as the rest of the phone – there is no latency. Also, the battery lasts quite a bit.

A note: aerial gestures work even a few meters from the mobile and without pointing towards it. And it should be noted that, obviously, writing with the S Pen is

not as comfortable as doing it on paper, since it cannot support you. But it is an accessory that conquers.


 The best: its screen is great, the performance is up to par, and the S Pen is fun and useful. The worst: the module rear cameras, projecting much of the back. It is a premium mobile that feels premium in practically all its aspects.

The performance, the screen, the cameras, the design, and the battery are great and it has a bonus that will hook: the S Pen is a great accessory and a very entertaining one if you get used to using it. Our only real drawback? We do not like the rear camera module, since when it stands out so much it makes a rocking effect that nothing convinces us.

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