News update & Rumors about GTA 6 Announcement

What do you expect that when GTA 6 will be introduced. This is still a mystery because Rockstar games have not yet announced officially that they are working on GTA 6. But many rumors are there that GTA 6 is in the developing phase and sooner or later they introduce it in the market. No one from Rockstar has confirmed any news that either it is true or not.

Till now seven years past since the GTA 5 was introduced to the world for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 generation of consoles. A long time passed to GTA 5 even the next-generation versions of GTA 5 are expected to come into the market. There is a little possibility that GTA 6 might be in pipeline and many testing is going on for its final release.

GTA 6 News Update

There is still no official confirmation and details on the ground but doesn’t mean nothing is going on because if we correlate the gossips and rumors there is some room of possibility for the release of GAT 6, till now we know something about GTA 6 as below.

Things to Know about GTA 6

There are a few things we know about GAT 6:

  • GTA 6 is the highly anticipated new addition in the GAT series and the most modern game from previous versions
  • Nobody knows when it will come out because it is still a mystery on the internet, but we are sure that it will not come soon.
  • There are expectations that GTA 6will be released for PS5 and Xbox series
  • GTA 4 and 5 were later on launched for PC so there is a little expectation that GAT 6 may also follow the footprints of its siblings.
  • It is expected to be launched in the USA and South America

When GTA 6 is expected to come out

It is over seven years past when GTA 5 was released so it is expected that GTA 6 announcement is not far away to come because GTA 5 is near to complete decade. There are some rumors that Grand Theft Auto next is coming in this year and may come out in 2021. But it doesn’t look catchy because when the PS5 games revealed on June, 11 Rockstar said that they are working on an enhanced edition of GTA to Next-generation to release in 2021.

There are some rumors that GTA is considering a female role or character to include in GTA 6. GTA 6 is considered to add the American location and map, which will add more fun and joy to this game, so it is good news for GTA followers. There is one more possibility that the new version may have job ads that are only for the user who indulged in it.

Earlier a tweet came out on Twitter of a user where he said that the owner and the whole team have announced that the GAT 6 soon will be released. We can expect its release in 2021 if there is a little truth behind it. As the other GTA games, like GTA San Andreas the GTA 6 may also have the theme 60s era of London, and time travel will also be there. So the people who like the past fantasy will surely rush to taste this game. It is not ended here it is also expected that the game will connect South America and vice city to make it more interesting. The more fun and enjoyment is expected from this game in the coming future.

What new is expected from GTA 6

Every gamer expecting something new from every new game because a lot of expectations are always attached to new things, the same is the case with GTA 6. When we think about GTA 6 many ideas improvements come to mind, like it is expected that more vehicles, advanced weapons, more bike, missions, and a lot of other things are expected from GTA 6. GTA 6 may have more coins to upgrade the account and more options will be available to the user.

GTA has introduced many versions of games in the online world as well as for offline gamers, and all the versions have received an overwhelming response from the gamers and even some of them get high popularity like GTA 5, San Andreas, vice city and become the super sellers in their time. Why it is so because the Rockstar has developed these games very beautifully and the graphics are so impressive that attracts the gamers easily.

Recent revisions of GTA 5 came into a market that has gone beyond the expectation of the developers and received a warm welcome from the gamers. This success leads to think that the developers may also work more to make updates and more changes in the coming versions to keep it’s standard high and fulfill the user’s expectations.

Someone has shared on Reddit that Rockstar has engaged the famous rapper for a song “Blac Loccs” for song of GTA 6 trailer. This step by Rockstar strengthens the rumors that GTA 6 is coming soon in the market to give a more exciting experience and a lot of fun and new entertainment for the GTA followers and the gamers who like to play the GTA series in their free time.

When will the Trailer is expected?

All the game and GTA lovers are anxiously waiting for the new coming of GTA 6 as many rumors are around about the game that excited the users to play it without wasting any time, and also waiting for the trailer of such a wonderful game. There is no official announcement from the Rockstar about the trailer but rumors are there that the trailer may come in the last quarter of 2020 or early 2021. We will also inform you once the date is announced to over your wait.

Story of GTA 6

Rockstar has not yet revealed about the story or anything related to GTA V like its designs, Location, maps, vehicles etc. so this is out of question saying anything about the story. But in an interview in 2013 Dan Houser in which he said there is a playable woman involved in GTA or they may add it in the future. We can only get the information from his interview that there may be a playable woman in GTA 6 as an essential part of the game.

GTA 6 News

GTA 6 Map

          Officially no map of GTA is available but as the reports say Rockstar may set the map with the help of England and the U.S. it is so to give the user more versatility and experience about the game and more enjoyment in the game. This variety of maps will also give the idea of the locations of different countries and cities as well.

Gameplay of GTA 6

As you know that Rockstar always comes with new and fantastic ideas to stun the gamers and provide them the innovative games that why the GTA series are very much famous around the world. There are different news spreading around the social media about the announcement of GAT VI, but all the rumors and GAT never leak anything so early as per our experience and the history it has.

The gameplay of GTA 6 definitely will be extraordinary as always they are providing keeping in mind the GAT 5, vice city and San Andreas. We are expecting that the features and graphics of GTA 6 will also be beautiful and never seen before ideas. There will be many other opportunism will be added for the players as every player likes adventures and thrill to play the games rather than sitting in front of a boring one.

GTA 6 may include a more driving experience including the new cars, bike, and helicopters, and different actions and control to the player to increase his interest in the game and of course will add some value to it than its previous versions. So the expectations are high the Rockstar also well known about it, we hope the GTA 6 will have much more to deliver to its user.

Release Platform for GTA 6

 The platform of this GTA 6 is very important for the users because in the past the previous versions were initially released for PS3 and Xbox6. But later one seeing the popularity of the games GTA has introduced their versions for other android and iOS devices as well to reach the player are not able to play these games on the above devices. Whatever the platform GTA 6 uses it is quite sure that the users will not wait for this exciting game to play because the wait is getting worse and worse for the use. After all, it is not easy for them to wait for this kind of game.

But friend, remember that there is no official announcement about the game and there are only the speculations about the release date and nothing yet is confirmed officially. There are many chances that the games will be released at the end of 2020 or the start of 2021. Let’s wait together for this stunning game to play and meanwhile play the GTA 5 to get a hand on it.

Bottom Line

After reading so much about GTA 6 is quite clear and apparent that it will be a fantastic game that every player will love to play. Keep in touch with us because we will continuously update our posts to provide you the latest news about GTA 6. If need any more information please do contact us. We shall be happy to help you at any time. Until now the GTA 6 release date or any news is only based on rumors and nothing is confirmed until we get any official news from Rockstar.

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