GTA Vice City PC Download for 2021

GTA Vice City PC: GTA is the most famous game series in the world and vice city is a masterpiece of game developed by GTA. This game is adventure and thrill that is available in a 3D version with fabulous High-quality graphics to stun the gamer to play it again and again.

GTA Vice City was first published in 2002, but the theme, clothes, vehicles, and other appearance look like you are living in the 80s.

Leslie Benzies did a great job to give it a look of the 80s era because most of the peoples love to go in past as the past always has a fantasy in the minds. The developer has given the great look of that period to give more enjoyment and interest to gamers who love to play this game cone to know the past how it was look alike. All the sounds and locations characters are painted to show that there were in past.

GTA vice city

Vice city as the name is, this game is about an imaginary city where there are gangs and street fights. This is a single-player game and you will have control all over the game alone. The story moves around a single character Tommy Vercetti. Tommy was caught by the police when he was making a deal and put behind the bars.

Later he was freed from jail, then he again started to build his own criminal empire with the help of other criminal organizations in the city to increase his power and control over the city.

GTA Vice City PC

This is great news for the gamers that GTA vice city is also available for Microsoft windows since May 2003. This step by GTA made Vice city more popular among the gamers because in the first decade of the 21st century the mobile users were not so much so it gained so much popularity around the world and become the most popular game still continuing to get the attraction of many GTA lovers. It has wonderful graphics on the PC version and works flawlessly.

Game Plots

The game locations all around the city and two islands are included in vice city to play and enjoy the variety of locations. All the locations are lock until Tommy explores and moves ahead the location will become unblock and he can go there.

Tommy has the privilege to go anywhere he wants without any hurdles. In this game the Tommy has the option to navigate the city by foot or he can drive different vehicles to roam around the city and islands.

What is in the game

              This vice city consists of missions that every gamer needs to complete to unfold the next mission. Every next mission is more difficult and adventurous. Some small side missions are also included to keep the player interest and provide him more versatility in the game and to complete small tasks.

Tommy the main character has the option and to use the M60 machine gun and other explosive material available from time to time to use against the enemies and kill them to accomplish his missions, and he can also save the enemies weapons for his own use.

Tommy also has the power to buy the weapons from the dealers with the money he holds in this game. There is a health meter to Detect Tommy’s health if at any time bullet hits him the health will decreases and you can refill it with a health meter to move in the game.

In the game, Tommy also meets the other gangs and their members and also works with them to complete their different tasks and in return, he gets some members from them to help him in danger. There is also a violation meter that tells the criminal level and if there is any law and order issue then Tommy may suffer and may lose some points, criminal extent is up to 6 stars. Police, helicopters, and other forces are behind Tommy to catch him, so it is also important to save Tommy himself from the then and hide somewhere if necessary and continue his tasks.

When Tommy(the player) completes the three tasks then he will have the chance to buy any property like a house or a business property that will help him to park his vehicles and hide his weapons from enemies and police as well. Incase business property then it will help him to earn more money and continue his job.

Awards won by GTA Vice City 

As we earlier discussed that this is the most famous game of its time and still the popularity of this 3D adventure game is not decreased and peoples love to play it again and again. Keeping in mind the popularity of this game the Vice city has won many awards. Vice City has won three awards in the Gamespot game of the year Awards. Achieved two awards in Golden Joystick Awards. It has won another two awards in IGNs of 2003 awards.

This is not stopped here, vice city also won five awards in the 1st British Academy game awards. The reason behind its success is its high-quality graphics, the story of the game is unmatchable and fantastic to play the game.

The story is not ended here because vice city is still popular as it was since it is released because of the adventure, thrill, and fun the game has to amuse the player and its audience. Even many gamers have live streaming of this game on YouTube to share their joy with the viewers.

GTA vice city free for PC to download

There is nothing to worry about if you don’t have money to pay for this full of adventurous game because it is free to download for PC and you can easily install it and enjoy the wonders of this

 Foot Note

Vice City is a fabulous game to play even it is written in the context of the 1980s era but still the peoples love to play it and the popularity of this game is not yet decreased. It is much famous among the gamers and free to download on PC that another feature of this game to attracts the audience towards it. We shall be waiting for your feedback and experience with this game.


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