Fastest Car in GTA 5 with top speed, super cars

Let’s talk about the fastest car in GTA 5 as you have seen many cars racing the roads in this game. GTA 5 is a game for those peoples who want a full of thrill and adventurous games, and the peoples who love to play a game that has all the spices they need to enjoy their free time then GTA V is the best option for them and I am sure they will enjoy this game. The graphics, sound, locations, and missions are fantastic in this video game.
This is not the end of the GTA 5 features, it has another fantastic and full of thrill features, yes think right I am talking about the vehicle. The developer has included the stylish and modern and fastest cars in GTA 5. These superfast cars give you more power to win the competition. One more exciting thing that you can play it online with your friends and definitely the excitement will increase. So don’t miss the chance to play the cars feature because these are gta 5 cool cars.

fastest car in gta 5

Fastest Car in GTA 5

Without any delay let’s check which is the fastest car in GTA 5 and its detailed features that will you to select the best one while playing this game. These are high-speed and modern cars, with a lot of features for driving. Here below is the list of top most cars for your review.
• Ocelot Pariah Top speed – 136.0 mph
• Pfister 811 Top speed – 132.5 mph
• Principe Deveste Eight Top speed – 131.8 mph
• Bravado Banshee 900R Top speed – 131.0 mph
• Overflod Entity XXR Top speed – 128.0 mph
• Pegassi Toros Top speed – 127.0 mph
• Grotti X80 Proto Top speed – 127 .0 mph
• Truffade Nero Top speed – 126 .0 mph
• Vapid FMJ Top speed – 125 .0 mph
So, from the above list Ocelot Pariah is the fastest car on this list with a top speed of 136 mph. it is not an ordinary car but a sports car and you can imagine the speed and technology that these sports have to show off. You can buy any of these cars with the money that you have earned in this GTA game.
Although these are the top speed cars in this game. You must also consider the lap time of these vehicles that plays an important role in the selection of cars. This is important when you want to participate in a corner heavy race.

Best Lap time cars in GTA V

Just have a look at the top five cars that have the best lap time and choose the best one for your game.

• Dewbauchee Vagner Lap time – 0:59.194
• Annis RE-7B Lap time – 0:59.727
• Ocelot XA-21 Lap time – 0:59.927
• Overflod Autarch Lap time – 0:59.960
• Principe Deveste Eight Lap time – 1:00.261
Fastest Car Cheat in GTA V
When you want to select the car from the above list but you are short of money or don’t have enough money to buy any of them. Then there is a solution to your problem there is a cheat available for free car. you need to write the” RAPIDGT” and a RAPID GT will come in front of you. This RAPID GT has a speed more than the speed of the top car in the list above. If you don’t want to buy a car then you can also try the fastest bike in GTA 5.

Final Word

GTA 5 is the best game to play, why I am saying so because they are providing a lot of features and the fastest car in GTA 5 is another example of this game’s beauty. If you still waiting for something so don’t waste your time, download the game and start enjoying it. Don’t forget to write to us about your experience and problems.

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