Fastest Bike in GTA 5-2021

GAT 5 is full of thrill games and if you find the fastest bike in GTA 5 then it increases the more thrill in this game. Racing is always fun for everybody and when you are playing games like the GTA series then the fun becomes doubled the pace of enjoyment. In GTA 5 you can complete the missions on bike and many bike options are available to boost your enjoyment and interest in this game.

Fastest bike in GTA 5

So, once you start to play the game then I don’t think that you can quit until you finish any single mission. If you see on the internet many game lovers are fond of this fantastic game because of the features and versatility this game is providing to its users. The gamers are playing this game online and offline too to spend their time and to have some fun.

Fastest bike in GTA 5 to Select

Now let’s move on to discuss and check that which the fastest bike in GTA 5 is. GTA V developers have included the fastest bike for you to ride and enjoy the thrill you can imagine in the real world. The controls of the bikes are superb to drive and race either with your friends if playing online or you playing alone to complete the mission.

The fastest bike in GTA 5 is available for specific locations and not throughout the game that we check here in detail so you can select the right one while playing the game. The speed of this bike is different according to their model and design, plus you can select from the multiple options.

Note, you can buy the best bike when you want by paying the money that you have earned in this game. We have selected the best motorcycles for you to ride in this game.

  • Deathbike 150 mph
  • BF400 137 mph
  • Bati 801 135 mph
  • Hakuchou 134 mph
  • Ruffian 127 mph

So, here the Deathbike has taken the lead as the fastest motorcycle in GTA 5 with a top speed of 150mph. you can buy it at a price of $1,269,000 in this game.

Fastest bike in GTA 5 – Lap Time

After checking the speed of the best motorcycle in GTA 5, now we should check that which bikes lap time. Here below is the lap time of each bike one by one.

Shotaro                          00:57.490

Hakuchou Drag             00:57.590

Bati 801                           00:58.625

Akuma                             00:58.892

Deathbike                       00:59.017

Here is one thing to note that these results are provided by a highly skilled rider and your reading may differ according to your riding skills.

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Runner up fastest bike in GTA 5

Earlier we have discussed the fastest bikes and found the deathbike as the best on. Here some other low-speed bike that also have the wonderful features that surely will grab your attention towards them. These bikes you will find at Southern San Andreas Super Autos in the GTA 5 game. Down be slow go and get the right one for your ride.

  • Hakchou 124 MPH
  • Bati 801 max speed 123 MPH
  • Vortex 121 MPH
  • Cliffhanger 120 MPH

If you still looking for more bikes to check the few more options then the below bikes are also available at Legendary Motorsport in the GTA 5.

  • Shotaro 130+ MPH
  • Hakuchou drag 130 MPH
  • Vindicator   121 MPH

 GTA Cheat for bike

If you don’t have the money to buy a bike then you don’t need to worry you can have a bike by using the cheats in GTA 5, write the word “ROCKET” and you will get a bike for a ride. Use this hack and run a bike on the GTA 5 roads will full thrill at the best speed. You will get the PCJ-600 motorbike with 60mph speed with the help of this fantastic cheat.

Bottom Line

          Games are always to enjoy the free time and when you have GTA 5 then it doubles the fun time. Download the GTA 5 from this platform and don’t forget to give us your feedback about this game and the things moments you enjoyed in this game. If you face any trouble don’t forget to write to us, we will be there to help you to resolve your issue.

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